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Establish on July 2018, PiCaSoid is a health platform that every individual, doctor and healthcare centre can use from anywhere, anytime.PiCaSoid is an abbreviation of “Patient Information Care Software ID”.


  • To connect every individual with healthcare centres in India by assigning “Unique PiCaSoid health ID” ensuring easy access of healthcare information.

  • Benefits for Healthcare Centres

    - Easy access of healthcare information by patients from Northeast India.

    - Receive treatment enquiry from users.

    - Receive both Online and Offline Appointment Booking.

    - Live Chat and Video Calling feature to connect with patients from far places and outside state.

    - Making availability of inter state ambulance service through our ambulance partners.

    - API (Application program Interface) can be integrated in existing HIMS, to retrieve demographic information required for generating OPD ticket. This will save time for both patient and hospital.

    - Monthly 1 (one) free ads in social media, website and mobile app (android & iOS).

    - Displaying healthcare details in nearby GPS location search result by patients from northeast India.

  • Benefits of having PiCaSoid Health Account

    - Maintains Personal Health Account.

    - Look up for doctors and healthcare centres using GPS Location.

    - Online and offline appointment booking for doctors.

    - Video call consultation and message with doctors.

    - Upload and View Lab reports (Personal and Healthcare Upload).

    - Health tips and information.

    - Discount on LAB test booked through PiCaSoid.

    - Contact nearest ambulance during emergency and for inter and intra states commuting.