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PiCaSoid is a health platform that every individual, doctors and healthcare centre’s can use anytime anywhere. With PiCaSoid an individual can search for doctors, hospitals & diagnostic centres and contact them directly. Online appointment booking for doctor's can also be done by an individual using their PiCaSoid health account. PiCaSoid will help doctors to check, review and analyze an individual health using the various tools and techniques provided by the platform, to ensure better and improved health care services. An individual will have their personal electronic health record which they can access directly by using their unique PiCaSoid ID and password. They can perform their personal health analysis and interact/ contact directly with doctors and hospitals using their mobile phones or PC’s.

Who can use?

  • Who can use PiCaSoid?

    - Doctors.

    - Clinics and Hospitals.

    - Labs / Diagnostic Centres.

    - Home Consulting Doctors.

    - General public and every individual.

  • WHY you should have a PiCaSoid ID?

    - Save unnecessary expenses.

    - Extremely useful during emergency.

    - Online availability of medical reports.

    - Online Appointment booking.

    - Save and preserve your medical records.

    - No long queues at hospital registration counter.

    - Health tracker and reports on your personal health.

    - Contact directly with Patient/ Doctor/ Hospital using Medi-Pao.

    - Share your health problem and get tips and advices from health experts. Contact directly with Doctors, hospitals and healthcare centres using Medi-Pao.