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Frequently Asked Question
1. What is the full form of “PiCaSoid “?

     PiCaSoid is an abbreviation of Patient Information Care Software ID.

2. What is a PiCaSoid ID?

     It is a unique and permanent health ID that will be generated at the time of registration by an individual.

3. Why I must have a PiCaSoid ID?

     Once you generate your ID, your health profile/account will be created. You may log into www.picasoid.co.in and start using your personal health account.

4. Where can I generate my PiCaSoid ID?

     You can create your PiCaSoid ID in 3 different approaches.

     Approach 1: Fill the online form (Click here).

     Approach 2: Visit any of the nearest healthcare centres which uses PiCaSoid (Click here).

     Approach 3: Visit our corporate office at YumnamLeikai, Opposite Lairembi Lampak, 1st Floor, Imphal West Manipur.

5. What are the advantages of having PiCaSoid health account?

     a) Save unnecessary expenses.

     b) Extremely useful during emergency.

     c) Online availability of medical reports.

     d) Save and preserve your medical records.

     e) No long queues at hospital registration counter.

     f) Check doctors’ availability and fix appointment.

     g) Contact directly with doctors, hospitals and any healthcare centre using Medi-Pao.

     h) Share your health problem and get tips and advices from health experts.

6. How PiCaSoid will be useful during emergency?

     1st: Saves time in filling up your details at registration counter (form fill up).

     2nd: All your past medical records can be viewed & downloaded within few seconds.

     3rd: The doctors will be able to understand your past health details in depth.

     4th: The doctors will be able to treat and diagnose you effectively.

7. Why should doctors, clinics and hospitals use PiCaSoid?

     a. Implementation cost is free for base module.

     b. Medical reports can be delivered online.

     c. Doctors can view medical reports from anywhere, anytime.

     d. PiCaSoid will save time and expenses for both patient and doctor.

     e. Easy to implement in the existing system and no additional hardware required.

8. What is Medi-Pao?

     Medi-Pao is an interaction platform which will allow users or patient to contact directly with doctors and share health problems.

9. Do I need to be an expert in operating computer for using “PiCaSoid”?

     No, you are not required to be a computer expert! PiCaSoidis designed in such a way that anyone with or without computer knowledge can use and operate it.

     The design and interface are very user friendly (as told by users).

10. Will basicP provide training on how to use the software for healthcare centres?

     Yes, we will provide both online and onsite training at free of cost.