Accessing hospital information and treatment details has never been easy for a patient travelling outside states for their treatment. It is advisable to gather details like which hospital to visit, total cost of the treatment, lodging during the treatment etc. This will save expenses, time and energy for the patient during their treatment days.

PiCaSoid helps patient hailing from northeast India, to bridge the existing gaps in healthcare industry with our user friendly mobile app. Patient will be able to send their treatment enquiries about any hospital and we will provide the details of their treatment or connect with the hospital directly. Upon confirmation our partnered hospital will provide certain amount of discount in the final billing process.

We connect patients from 8 states of Northeast with top hospitals in Guwahati and other metro cities.

Call PiCaSoid customer care or send your doubts using “Treatment Enquiry” option in our mobile app before you move out to other states for treatment.

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