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About Us

PiCaSoid is an abbreviation of “Patient Information Care Software ID”, a health platform that every individual, doctor and healthcare centre can use.

PiCaSoid is making healthcare information and services accessible very easily and affordable through an API and MOBILE APP.

Established in July 2018 with Startup India DIPP recognition number DIPP39493, PiCaSoid is currently operational in the state of Assam and Manipur.


  • To introduce PiCaSoid API in healthcare centres of India.
  • To introduce Hands free Registration Process and reduce paper consumption at hospital OPD counter.
  • To introduce Tele Health services in remote places of India.


To connect every individual with healthcare centres in India using PiCaSoid API and introduce Tele Medicine in remote locations of India.


Our team has been working very closely with healthcare centres delivering Clinical Software and Hospital Information System since 2014. We have been spending most of our time with all the level of healthcare organisation (lower, middle and upper level), understanding their problems and requirements. As a result of this we are able to understand the gaps in healthcare centres precisely.

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