To connect every individual with healthcare centres in India using PiCaSoid API and introduce Tele Medicine in remote locations of India.


  • 1. Unique Personal PiCaSoid Health ID.
  •        applicable in healthcare centres which uses PiCaSoid API.
  • 2. Doctor and Healthcare Centre Information.
  •       Doctors nearby using GPS Location.
  •       Hospitals nearby using GPS Location.
  •       Clinics nearby using GPS Location.
  • 3. Telemedicine
  •       Tele Consultation.
  •       Online Doctor Consultation.
  • 4. Repository of Personal Health Records (PHR).
  •       Digitize and upload personal medical records.
  •       View Lab reports (Personal and Healthcare Upload.
  •       e-reports from diagnostic centre.
  • 5. Discount in healthcare bills.
  •       Upto 45% discount in LAB test booked through PiCaSoid Mobile App.
  •       Upto 25% discount is IP (IN-Patient) final bill.
  • 6. Treatment Assistance (Interstate).
  •       Providing treatment information to patient.
  •       Details include cost of treatment, available consultant, duration of treatment etc.
  • 7. Immunization Reminder.
  •       Baby Vaccination Schedule.
  •       SMS and Email reminder.

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