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The usage of the website and mobile application “PiCaSoid” will be governed by the following terms and conditions. Please read through our terms and conditions before using our services available through our website and mobile application.

Security Of User Data

  • 1. For the purpose of this terms and conditions the word “PiCaSoid” will refer to “Picasoid Health Technology Pvt. Ltd.”having its head office at Old Checkon, Opposite AnandaSingh Academy,2nd Floor, ImphalEast District, Manipur, Pin – 795004. The word “User” will refer to any individual who have completed registration process and who have received their PiCaSoid ID and password in their registered mobile number or any visitor who visited the website or anyone who uses our mobile application or any form of services provided by PiCaSoid. The word healthcare centres will refer to any hospital, clinic and laboratory which are listed in PiCaSoid platform.
  • 2. The term and condition will be applicable to any visitor of website.
  • 3. PiCaSoid ID will be unique for every individual and it is their own responsibility to remember and maintain for future references. After successful sign-up process the password should be changed at regular interval by a user.
  • 4. User demographic information (Name, Marital Status, Gender, Age, C/O, Relationship, Address, State and City) collected during sign up process will be used by PiCaSoid for analysis, up gradation and for improving our services. Also will be accessible by only healthcare centres which uses PiCaSoid API for OPD ticket generation.
  • 5. PiCaSoid will be using users personal mobile number and email for sharing updates, better communication and improving existing services.
  • 6. Data confidentiality and privacy will be maintained.
  • 7. Due to internet breakdown/ server problem/ issues, there may occur late/ delay in delivering any of our services. Considering human error, it may arise incompleteness or inaccuracy in uploading medical documents/ any medical related documents. If in case the about condition occurs, PiCaSoid bear no responsibility. In case of network or internet or server issue PiCaSoid bear no responsibility for it also.
  • 8. During online and offline consultation, while chatting or video calling any listed doctors or consultant in PiCaSoid mobile application, PiCaSoid does not guarantee the timely or immediate reply to user’s enquiry or delay or cancellation of appointment by any consultant. If in case the about condition occurs, PiCaSoid bear no responsibility on this.
  • 9. For the ambulance service, PiCaSoid as an aggregator of ambulance service providers, the availability and timely arrival of the ambulance is purely dependent on respective ambulance service provider. In case of delay in arrival of ambulance or cancellation of because of any reason by ambulance service provider, PiCaSoid bear no responsibility for this. The auto directed number when clicked by user, will call PiCaSoid customer care number, this is purely to collect user request or requirement for ambulance service.
  • 10. PiCaSoid has the right to deactivate/delete an existing/ any PiCaSoid Health account without giving prior notice or without taking consent or without giving any reason, if the ID has been used for fake purpose or causing unwanted incidence or commercial or advertisement purpose.
  • 11. Medical reports uploaded are sole purpose for reference and is not a proof or certificate related to health.
  • 12. Laboratory can upload user’s medical related documents into their personal PiCaSoid account upon request for reference purpose. The user can download their medical reports anytime once the report is uploaded by a laboratory. However the laboratory can take down or delete the report uploaded for a particular user in regular basis or at any time without giving prior notice or without taking consent or without giving any reason.
  • 13. IMMUNIZATION REMINDER: Reminder messages will be sent to both the registered mobile numbers two days prior from the actual date. PiCaSoid does not hold any responsibility if the reminder messages are not deliver due to wrong entry of mobile number, change of number, loss of number, DND (do not disturb number) or for any network related issues.

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